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easy care for WPC Terraces

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Water-based emulsion for Bangkirai.

Offers UV-protection and increased resistance to chemicals.

Easy to use. Short drying time.

When used regularly on oiled wooden terraces, the intervals between subsequent applications of oil are extended.

Can also be used to impregnate untreated wood.

Intensive Cleaner

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Intensive cleaner for deposits left on stone, WPC and wood by weather conditions.

Simply and effortlessly removes dirt and stains with a long-term effect. 

Fresh Up 2 in 1

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Loosens soiling and stains when used in conjunction with dry cleaning or spray extraction operations.

Binds and neutralises bad odours in carpeting and upholstery materials. Tenside-free formula.

Outdoor Wood Refresher

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Intensive cleaning agent for all hardwood surfaces which have turned grey.

Good adhesion and virtually non-drip.

Quickly freshens up all wooden surfaces which have turned grey.

Wood regains its natural colour.

Concentrated Carpet Cleaner

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For the fibre-deep cleaning of synthetic fibre carpeting and upholstery.

The new fresh-up formula guarantees fresh air within rooms and eliminates unpleasant smells such as nicotine.