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Professional, washable dirt catching mat for commercial use

Durability and a high capacity for dirt capture make this mat the perfect choice for highly frequented areas such as entrances, corridors, lift doors and reception desks. A wide colour choice will ensure a great match with your interiors.

Iron-Horse XL

Availability: 999999999 In Stock

High dirt absorption mat made for heavy duty areas

With a higher pile this mat has an increased ability to trap dirt and moisture making it suitable for highly stressed areas like entrances of production facilities, dirt collectors, wardrobes.


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Compliment interior spaces and corporate décor with this purest of coloured mats.

The Monotone mat will compliment any space where cleanliness and style are important.

Developed to stand up to the toughest demands in foot traffic. The surface texture removes dirt and moisture from passing shoes, and retains it between the fibres.

Combine this excellent functionality with a slip-resistant nitrile rubber backing, the Monotone mat is home amongst the leaders in professional entrance matting.


Availability: 999999999 In Stock

Double power fibres collect dirt and moisture

Introducing the first ever washable mat to combine fine heat-set fibres with heavy duty fibres to create a dual action Super-Mat.

This dirt-catching mat has a unique double feature; heavy-duty mono-filament fibres remove coarse dirt from passing soles whilst the high-twist, fine, heat-set fibres, absorb and keep fine dust, dirt and moisture in the mat.

The ultimate choice for busy areas like entrances and receptions or anywhere dirt ingress is high.


Availability: 2147483647 In Stock

The multi-purpose rubber mat that is grease, oil and solvent resistant.

In addition to outdoor uses, the Kleen-Scrape performs outstandingly well in wet areas, changing rooms, kitchens, in front of beverage machines or in production areas.

With its variety of features such as grease, oil and solvent resistance, heat and cold resistance and an extreme robustness, you won't want to be without the Kleen-Scrape.

This 100% rubber mat lies perfectly flat thanks to its weight and flexibility. Available in two different surface patterns depending on size.

Whether as dirt-catcher, a special mat for wet areas or a workplace mat for fatigue-free standing, you'll always be well-served by the Kleen-Scrape.


Availability: Out of stock

The professional use cotton mat for special purposes!

Developed with over 4 decades of mat manufacturing expertise, in close partnership with the Laundry Service Industry. Serviceable entrance matting that works!

The best solution in problem areas, in which big amounts of damp dirt come into the building. No matter, whether in industry- or trade businesses or in public buildings: the Wash-Horse is an ideal barrier against wetness and damp soil which provides more safety. The mat insures that though oil and grease found in industrial and production businesses, installation halls and workshops are kept away from other rooms. 


Availability: 999999999 In Stock

Sustainable mat for sustainable cleanliness

In addition to its pile made from recycled PET bottles, the Green Horse mat has great dirt capture properties, shorter drying times and a higher heat resistance. The environmentally friendly alternative for those who appreciate cleanliness in the building.


Availability: 999999999 In Stock

Reduces dirt and moisture entering your busy premises!

Entrance mats are perfectly suited for the busiest areas due to their high dirt absorption rate and slip-resistant rubber backing. Perfect for use in business entrances, receptions or anywhere high levels of public foot traffic is causing dirt and moisture to be tracked into the premises creating a potential health and safety problem.


Availability: 999999999 In Stock

State-of-the-art Jet-Print technology for a great first impression.

This custom printed logo mat performs two functions simultaneously…

Vivid, bright coloured logos and graphics make it an excellent eye-catcher, great for promotional use and placement at the point of purchase.

It also performs perfectly as a dust control mat making it ideal for business entrances and reception areas. A true champion of mats for the professional service industry.

With a 2-year guarantee against manufacturing defects and utilising the latest colour-fast printing technology, the Jet-Print mat will look as good as new through many wash cycles and the most vigorous of daily foot traffic.

Logo Outdoor

Availability: 999999999 In Stock

Custom designs for the ultimate outdoor mat!

Practically everyone is familiar with the scratchy-fibre type of outdoor grass mats. These heavy-duty mats are extremely weather-resistant and particularly insensitive to coarse dirt, which makes them ideal for outdoor use. Unfortunately, however, the colour selection is mostly limited to green.

This drabness of colour is now a thing of the past! Kleen-Tex presents the unique grass mat for outdoor use - the Logo Outdoor ! This is the first outdoor mat that can be printed with colours and logos according to your personal requirements.

Jet-Print Vision

Availability: 999999999 In Stock

Custom graphics on a fine attractive surface

Visually this mat is hard to beat, the Jet-Print Vision offers a fine surface texture that is ideal for bespoke printing such as logo’s and designs with fine or intricate detail.

Event Mat

Availability: Out of stock

For special and exclusive Events!

Stand out in the crowd with our unique "Signs on the floor", perfect for events and exhibitions. Our advanced 76.2 dpi printing ability allows for excellent image reproduction and superb graphic clarity.

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