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L-stones are the effective solution whenever there’s a transition from one terrain to another.

Especially good for borders, slopes, pools, ponds, walkways, steps and patios

Their lighter weight gives them many advantages over heavy concrete equivalents.

Rectangular Palisade

Availability: 99999999 In Stock

Whether for public or private sector construction projects, new builds or refurbishment and modernisation, palisades should be your first choice.

Approximately 65% lighter than comparable concrete products, our palisades are cheaper to transport and can be installed without heavy equipment – especially useful on hard to access terrain.

Round Palisade

Availability: 99999999 In Stock

Make a difference with round palisades.

They’re incredibly versatile and great for green spaces, gardens, fences, playgrounds, pavements, walkways and access routes.

These simple but effective palisades are sturdy, reasonably priced, weather-resistant, durable, non-toxic and maintenance-free.

Ogee palisade

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Ogee palisades are designed for edging.

Playing fields, sandboxes, paths, flowerbeds or ponds, they can survive all kinds of weather and do not rot or splinter.

They’re made without any hazardous chemicals, are non-toxic, non-polluting, maintenance-free, easy to handle and don’t require any heavy equipment.


Availability: 99999999 In Stock
  •  hanit® piles can be driven into the ground hydraulically to give a solid foundation for projects like jetties and moorings.

  • They’re tough, durable and resistant to all kinds of environmental conditions, including sea water.

  • The piles are environmentally safe and are not affected by shipworm (Teredo navalis).

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Whether on nature reserves or construction sites, conservation is increasingly important.

During migration periods, newts, toads and frogs need to be protected against dangers like road traffic.

Our water and weather-resistant amphibian guards have no problem with soggy conditions and provide safe passage through a controlled system.

Burrowing barrier

Availability: 999999999 In Stock

When a fence has to divide and separate reliably, our special panels help to stop burrowing and tunnelling.

The fence attaches securely to the panels with special brackets.

Board profile

Availability: 2147483647 In Stock

Standard boards are perfect for substructures, picket fences, gates, path partitions and many other uses.

As well as being strong, light and durable, boards are incredibly versatile and adaptable.

Be creative!

Ultra board profile

Availability: 999999999 In Stock

We supply our high-grade Ultra board in all the most commonly-used sizes.

The wide selection is just one of the benefits of choosing hanit® Ultra.

Its ability to span larger gaps is another big advantage as well as durability, easy handling and high quality finish.

Availability: 2147483647 In Stock

If you need a reliable and secure fit, hanit® tongue and groove boards won't let you down.

Whether panelling or decking, our ingenious design is simple to install and moulded for a perfect fit with every board.

Availability: 2147483647 In Stock

The advantages of hanit® Ultra are especially apparent in our tongue and groove board profiles.

Strength, easy handling, durability, satisfying fit and high quality appearance are just a few of the positives.

hanit® Ultra boards are made in many of the most commonly-used sizes and are proven to be reliable, particularly when used for structures like stables.

BOARD PROFILE, reinforced

Availability: 2147483647 In Stock

The perfect profile for your fence construction project.

Regardless of whether it’s a pasture fence, pathway or railing, weathering is no longer an issue.

There is also no risk of animals chewing, injury due to splinters, or health hazards due to chemically treated materials.

The boards are strong, rot resistant, and break-proof as well as extremely long-lasting.

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