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Fortelock tiles

The choice of the flooring is one of the crucial points that determine the desing of each interior. In course of time, the PVC Fortelock interlocking tiles became widely popular for the specific combination of its features such as its suitability for virtually every premises, low maintenance demands, high resilience or perfect look.

With respect to the parameters, different flooring types are recommended so it offers the best functionality in a given premise and thus fits exactly your expectations. Choose the best for you.

  • Fortelock Industry
    Reliable high quality PVC tiles. They are particularly appreciated in areas with high load and constant operation. This floor is suitable for industry, production facilities, warehouses or commercial area.
  • Fortelock Light
    This type of tiles is well suited to rooms such as cellars, technical premises in the house or garages. The floor is not so tough but still highly resistant.
  • Fortelock Decor
    New and unique Fortelock product line. Carefully designed to fit not only into every home, but also in hotels, offices and schools.
  • Floor ramps and corners
    Perfect floor finish for an easier and smoother car or truck travel and a better aesthetic appeal.

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YZI Mozaika

Availability: Out of stock

Why a Triangle tile ? The PRISMATIK floor tile was born from the collaboration of flooring professionals who are passionate about «Do it Yourself» space design. The combination of the know-how of cutting-edge manufacturers and detail-oriented designers has resulted in the first triangular and modular floor tile:. Each subset of two triangles (the square) can be assembled in any direction, offering an infinite number of patterns and graphic variations never seen before ».

Floor for events

Availability: 999999999 In Stock

Event plastic tiles are ideal for both indoor and outdoor installation. They can be combined into large units and laid on a slightly uneven but firm terrain (concrete, paving, grass, flat stone surface, etc.). Therefore, they are most often found as flooring in trade fairs, festivals, party tents or in garages.

Plasto Spot

Availability: 2147483647 In Stock

Sporty look thanks to dot optics

Perfect as an accent in combination with race or race flat

Individual printing possible

Easy to clean with a vacuum cleaner and steam jet

Plasto Floor

Availability: 2147483647 In Stock

Flat, closed surface with slight structuring

Perfect as an accent in combination with race or race flat

Individual printing possible

Easy to clean with a vacuum cleaner and steam jet

Plasto Grip

Availability: 2147483647 In Stock

Industrial look thanks to checker plate look

Perfect as an accent in combination with race or race flat

Easy to clean with a vacuum cleaner and steam jet

Plasto Race Flat

Availability: 2147483647 In Stock

The click tiles make the appearance perfect - regardless of whether Racing team, exhibition stand or in the home garage. 

A simple parking space becomes an eye-catcher for every vehicle.

Different surface designs and a wide range of colors leave no design wishes unfulfilled. 

Because the click tiles can be combined in both design and color.

In addition, numerous special colors and individual printing of four, six and eight plates are possible

Fortelock ECO XL

Availability: 999999999 In Stock

The tiles are good for flooring in the basement, garage and workshop 

You can choose black or grey color with the same technical parameters.

All XL tiles can also be used as wall tiles and thus protect the parts adjacent to the floor.

It is usually the case that the more skillful the craftsmen, the more work they have.

The Fortelock XL tile has therefore been designed to easily install itself

Fortelock ESD

Availability: 999999999 In Stock


• laboratories, chemical industry

• hazardous areas

• electrotechnical industry

• pharmaceutical industry

• automotive industry

• paper and rubber industries

YZI - Tek

Availability: Out of stock

Top quality interlocking floor tile solutions to all sectors of the market. Interlocking floor tiles are ideal for industrial, commercial & retail, garage & workshop, factory & warehousing, gym, and residential flooring.

Fortelock Invisible ECO

Availability: 999999999 In Stock

The new Fortelock Invisible PVC floor was designed to meet the most strenuous requirements of every user. You can choose these homogenous tiles with hidden locks for commercial, civil, residential warehouse spaces.

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