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Eco Slab

Availability: 999999999 In Stock

There’s no need to let an outdoor event ruin your lawn! Eco slabs provide effective ground protection inside marquees or for events, exhibitions and trade shows. Strong, durable, lightweight and easy to install or remove.

Heavy duty ground grid

Availability: 999999999 In Stock

Our heavy-duty ground grids are considerably lighter than concrete equivalents. This makes transport and installation much easier. And with a stabilising interlocking system, our grids are just the job for car parks, lay-bys, farmyards or warehouses.


Availability: Out of stock

Hanpave is a high performance grid made from recycled polypropylene.

Designed for car-parking, Hanpave can be filled with earth or gravel.

The structure allows rainwater to pass through at a controlled rate and is SUD (Sustainable Urban Drainage) regulations compliant.

Parking space delineators (fitted white caps) are available as an optional extra.

Paddock slab

Availability: 999999999 In Stock

As the name suggests, paddock slabs are intended for use with animals.

As well as paddocks, they can also be used for riding arenas, exercise runs and feeding areas.

Resistant to frost and UV, the clever connection system locks each slab in place to make sure you’ll always be on firm ground.

Pre-Assembled Boardwalk Element

Availability: Out of stock

Instead of having many small elements to screw together, you will receive a pre-assembled product that can be installed easily and quickly.

It’s the ideal solution for beach and garden paths.

Simply put it together metre by metre – and if required, it can just be taken apart again.

Thanks to this clever system, this product is suitable for temporary use, such as paths that are needed only now and then.

Floor board 103R

Availability: 9999999 In Stock
  • car park, standing parking, garage entrances
  • possibility of using LED panels for parking space delineation
  • driveways, paths, pavements
  • landscaping, parking areas
  • purpose-built reinforcement of slopes and riverbanks
  • events, building sites
  • erosion protection
  • Suitable for:
  • spreading gravel or siftings
  • grassing – like a classic Ecoraster
  • drainage - in combination with floor panels (code 102, 103)
  •    load capacity 3.5 t / 1 dm²


Availability: 2147483647 In Stock

The tiles are used in children playgrounds, non-professional sports playgrounds, terraces, sidewalks around pools, in gardens, in gyms – indoors and outdoors.

Rubber tile

Availability: Out of stock

The tiles are used in children playgrounds, non-professional sports playgrounds, terraces, sidewalks around pools, in gardens, in gyms – indoors and outdoors.

Large Cube

Availability: 99999999 In Stock

Rubber granulate cube is an interesting architectural element that can be used in combination with a safe surface. It is perfect for outdoor playgrounds, playrooms and fitness rooms. It is a multifunctional and dependent structure that will enhance the functionality of the sports and leisure space.


Availability: 2147483647 In Stock

The rubber granulate roller is an architectural element that makes the space of playgrounds and fitness rooms more interesting. It is useful during various exercises (e.g. yoga) and increases the safety of performance.

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