copy of Fortelock Industry, red Diamond

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Reliable high quality PVC tiles. They are particularly appreciated in areas with high load and constant operation. This floor is suitable for industry, production facilities, warehouses or commercial area.


This type of tile is recommended for areas characterized by high stress, the need for durability, and for a high-quality and quick installation and renovation. We find them being used particularly in the industrial sector, where they are used very frequently. Whether the sector is mechanical engineering, pharmacy or warehouses and shipment.

The Fortelock Industry tile is a product for the heaviest load. That is why it is made of a highly resistant 100% PVC homogenous material. It has been designed with a full bottom side, making it good for areas with high point and dynamic loading. These are mainly operations that use heavy-duty handling equipment (especially forklifts or electric pallet trucks).

A PVC floor particularly stands out for its waterproof and anti-slip properties, its sound dampening and chemical resistance.

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